The Meinert Wines story is not one of generations of wine farmers. Instead, it has its origin in the purchase of 11,5 hectares in Devon Valley, Stellenbosch in 1987 by then Vergelegen winemaker Martin Meinert, a scion of a Namibian printing and publishing family. Each wine is handcrafted and created with much thought and care to ensure uniqueness and individual character.

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Meinert "The German Job" Riesling
One of Martin's Sauvignon blanc growers in Elgin has a young Riesling vineyard which produced its 7th crop in 2017, and Martin considers Riesling arguably the world’s best white grape, although in South Africa it is an unusual variety. His first vintage in 2012 won many followers and persuaded him to continue this exciting adventure. He named it 'The German Job' to distinguish it from the bland Cape Riesling, and as counterpoint to his Italian Job White Merlot.
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Meinert Cabernet Sauvignon

The king of reds classically styled with a deep, dense ruby colour expressing intense  black and red berries with a typical Cabernet herbal line, well judged spicy toasty oak and etchings of tobacco. Mouth-filling and weighty on the palate finishing with attractive berry concentration and ripe tannin texture.

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Meinert Merlot

Meinert's Merlot is a flag bearer for the range with its ample plum and dark berry fruit layered with heady herbs and a savoury edge all seamlessly integrated all the way to the sleek, slightly textured finish that lingers with very attractive berry intensity. 

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Meinert Family Collection "The Italian Job"

Martin's friends Peter and Jenny introduced him to white Merlot (Merlot bianco) made in the Italian (southern) part of Switzerland at a dinner in Zürich many years ago. This is his interpretation of those Chardonnay-style wines. The first vintage, 2008, being slightly pink, was refused official White Merlot status and so it became The Italian Job.

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Meinert Printer's Ink Pinotage

The Printer's Ink Pinotage is a tribute to the Meinert family's heritage as master printers in Namibia. Ex-journalist Martin Meinert makes a very small and personalised range of wines in limited quantities at the hillside Devon Crest vineyard outside Stellenbosch.

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Meinert Synchronicity

Synchronicity is Meinert's flagship red wine and the vintage reflection of the prime Devon Valley character. It's a Cape-style blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Pinotage perfectly synchronised to show power and complexity.

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Meinert Semillon Straw Wine

Raisiny gold colour, enticing whiffs of honey, pineapple and pear. The secret of sweet wines is matching the sugar and acid so that the wine is not cloying; this one leaves a mouth coating sweet tangy residue after swallowing. It is a perfect match for a tangy apple tart.

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Meinert La Barry Sauvignon Blanc

Named after Martin's wife Leigh Ann Barry, for whom this wine was made as a wedding gift. It has also been referred to as 'La Barry Lobola'. It is their personal house wine and is very well reviewed by Leigh Ann as her favourite cultivar is Sauvignon blanc.

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Meinert La Barry Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon

Named after Martin's wife Leigh Ann Barry, for whom he has been making Sauvignon blanc since 2008 as she does not drink red wine. He grew weary of waiting for her to convert to 'the darker side' and this gentle juicy red is his attempt to entice her. Naturally she fell for the plush blackberry, mulberry and black cherry fruit supported by a lovely mid-palate fullness finishing with tender fruit for easy-drinking enjoyment.